Burial or Cremation?

We understand how difficult it is to make decisions about what you would like at such an emotional time.  Let us help by advising you of all the options that are available and then guide and support you to make choices that are right for you.

Arrangements can be made in one of our offices or in the comfort of your own home.  We are familiar with all types of funeral, traditional, ‘green’ or any combination, in all price brackets to suit your needs.

If your loved one already has a pre-paid funeral plan, you only have to make one call to us and we will put all their wishes into place.

Choosing between Burial or Cremation

This can be a difficult decision to make; we will advise you fully on all the implications in order for you to make an informed choice.


You may have a family grave or plot that we can arrange to have re-opened and have any memorial stored, updated and replaced after the Funeral.

Nowadays, many families purchase plots in advance of their being needed.  This is a considerate thing to do and lifts some of the burden from the family at what is often a difficult time. We can help with this.

In some areas burials have become limited. This means families cannot be buried in the churchyard of their choice because there is no space or the available plots that are left have become extremely expensive.

Adam & Greenwood are fortunate in being able to offer our families the opportunity of burial at our own  woodland cemetery, called ‘Herongate Wood’ in nearby Brentwood.  Burial at Herongate Wood enables a loved one to rest forever in the beautiful bluebell wood that is being created. There is also a Hall of Remembrance onsite in which to hold an unhurried funeral service (Religious or non-religious). There is no charge for the use of this hall to Adam & Greenwood families.
Please click here to visit the Herongate Wood website.

Do not forget to reserve additional burial plots next to a loved one otherwise, at a later date, these may not be available.
After the Burial, we can help you arrange a memorial headstone or a new inscription on an existing headstone.


It is useful to note that there may be a cost differential between burial and cremation.

The funeral service can be held at the Crematorium itself or elsewhere (for example in a place of worship or Herongate Wood, before going to the Crematorium)

We would advise clients, that whilst the Crematorium works to a strict time schedule, we can often arrange a longer time slot at an additional cost to the family, if this is required.

We will help you decide the final resting place for the ashes; this decision does not have to be made at the time of the funeral arrangements. You may leave them with us for safe-keeping or take them home.

Downloadable documents

Common questions asked about cremations (32kb)  Questions about Cremations

The final resting place for cremated remains (25kb)  Resting Place for Cremated Remains

Your last Goodbyes

When we have taken your loved one into care, you may wish to visit them in one of our Chapels of Rest at Chelmsford or Billericay.  We can dress them in a favourite outfit of your choice or one of our lovely gowns. 

Funeral Venue

We can arrange for the service to take place at a Crematorium or Church of your choice.  Alternatively, you may wish use our Woodland Cemetery or elsewhere. 

Faiths and Beliefs

At Adam & Greenwood, we pride ourselves in being a friend to all Faiths and Cultures. We have a wide knowledge base of many religions so that we can provide all the necessary support for any rituals that may have to be carried out. Unless you have a person in mind to take the service, we can put you in contact with the appropriate Religious Leader as we have strong  local links.

If you are non-religious, we can also help you with a suitable person from our very wide selection, who will normally call on you at home to arrange the Service. (We call this person ‘The Officiant’).

You may wish to think about what music, poems, Hymns or Prayers that you would like to be included in the service so that you can then discuss what is appropriate with whoever has been selected to take the service


It is traditional for the hearse to lead a formal cortege (hearse, limousines and following cars) from your loved one’s home to the place where the Funeral is being held.  This is not essential and some families prefer to travel separately to the venue, either in limousines or in their own cars.

Most families choose to use our traditional hearse but we can also supply a wide range of alternatives, including horse-drawn and motor-cycle hearses. 


As mentioned, the limousines to carry the close family may either follow the hearse or take them direct to the Funeral venue, with the hearse arriving separately to meet them there.  (Limousines seat 6 passengers.)

Floral Tributes

There is a wide selection of floral tributes available, prepared by a local florist, from which you can choose, if this is helpful to you.


We are able to prepare Orders of Service and Memorial Cards.

Newspaper Notices

We will help you place notices in the local or national press to advise friends of the passing of your loved one and information on the Funeral and Donations.  Alternatively you may wish to place an Acknowledgment after the Funeral has taken place.

Catering Services

We can help with arranging a reception after the Funeral, either in your own home or at some other venue. We have a list of reliable caterers and venues if you need assistance with this.

Charitable Donations

Many families request that only close family send floral tributes and that others make donations to an appropriate Charity of your choice.  We can collect these on your behalf and supply you with a list of such donations made in memory of your loved one.


Alternative Choices

In our modern times, families are looking for unique services for their loved ones.  We have a wide variety of alternative choices including:

  • Bagpipers
  • Jazz Bands
  • Dove releases
  • Balloons
  • Fireworks
  • Various hearses, pink, silver, horse-drawn, motorcycle

Whatever your request, we will do our best to fulfil it.

Our Funeral Homes are open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm
Herongate Wood is open every day 9.00am to 4.30pm apart from Sundays and Bank Holidays