The day of the funeral

This is the day that can be the most difficult and you will find the assistance of your Funeral Director a great support.  You may rely upon him or her to ensure a smooth and dignified funeral.

There is no set procedure for a funeral. Traditionally the funeral processions (Cortege) starts at the house of the person who has died, with the hearse and cars then travelling to the venue where the Service will take place.

If you so wish, the hearse can leave from one of our Funeral Homes and meet with the mourners at the venue.

Usually the coffin will be carried on the shoulders of four or six people, known as ‘Pallbearers’. In some circumstances, we use a ‘Chapel Bier’ which is a small wheeled vehicle.

If family members or friends wish to participate in carrying the coffin, please let us know in advance and we will be fully prepared to assist.


Following the Funeral Service,  held at the chosen Chapel or elsewhere, the coffin is taken to the graveside.  The family and friends accompany the Officiant, who gives a brief Service of Committal immediately after the coffin is lowered.  The Officiant and pall bearers then leave the family to say their ‘goodbyes’ before the grave is completed and floral tributes arranged by the groundsmen.


In a crematorium, the coffin is normally placed at the front of the Chapel on a special raised platform, called a ‘Catafalque’.  Towards the end of the service, a final piece of music may be played before the curtains close.  This can be upsetting and if you prefer the coffin to remain on view until all the mourners have left the Chapel, please inform us and we will arrange this.

It is useful to note that there may be a cost differential between burial and cremation.

The funeral service can be held at the Crematorium itself or elsewhere (for example in Church or Herongate Wood, before going to the Crematorium).

We would advise clients, that whilst the Crematorium works to a strict time schedule, we can often arrange a longer time slot at an additional cost to the family if this is required.

We will help you decide the final resting place of the ashes; this decision does not have to be made at the time as the funeral arrangements.  You may leave them with us for safe-keeping or take them home.

Downloadable documents

Common questions asked about cremations (32kb)  Questions about Cremations

The final resting place for cremated remains (25kb)  Resting Place for Cremated Remains

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