COVID-19 Updates for families

Adam and Greenwood would like to reassure families that we are following the current guidelines from SAIF & NAFD, our professional bodies, the government and Public Health England.

They all confirm that funerals can continue to go ahead but the latest advice is to reduce the number of attendees.

We want to still work with you during this difficult time, so in addition to a face-to-face visit at one of our branches, we will be offering the option to make arrangements over the telephone or through Skype/video calling. If this is something you would be interested in doing, then please let our staff know in advance.

We are also advising that no more than 2 family members should attend face-to-face appointments – this is to limit potential risks and to ensure that we comply with social distancing regulations.

As time goes on and COVID-19 becomes more widespread, we will update our families and the public as best we can. It is important to keep everyone updated with any new information and this will be achieved through our social media platforms. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram – please see our social handles.

We can also offer families the option of direct cremations or unattended burials followed on by memorial services in our chapels, once we are back to normal.

If affected families still want a service, then crematoriums can offer webcasting or service recordings.

If anyone has concerns or would like to make arrangements with us, then please call us and we will guide your family in making the right decision for your loved one.

Kindest regards,
Everyone at Adam & Greenwood Funeral Home