Simple Funerals

If you’re opting for a goodbye that is modest and understated, we can arrange simple funerals that meet your specifications. As an award-winning and Independent family-run Funeral Director, we provide a quality service with a personable, friendly approach to funeral arrangements.

Our Simple funerals can be arranged with as much or as little personalisation and formality as you wish, depending on your requirements. Our standard, simple funerals are a no-frills option that includes our traditional hearsette with an attended service. They typically do not include many extras but instead focus on a respectful, final goodbye.

Our Direct Cremations offer families a simple and respectful unattended funeral. Our team of arrangers organise everything in-house and make the process simple and straightforward. Although Direct Cremations do not allow for the attendance of mourners, rest assured that it will be supervised by a qualified chapel attendant. For more information please get in touch with one of our branches. 

Affordable Funerals In Chelmsford, Billericay & Maldon

Adam & Greenwood can create affordable funerals that don’t compromise on quality, respect and dignity. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different and that’s why we offer low-cost funerals that function as a simple, inexpensive farewell for your loved one.

Get in touch with our professional and qualified staff to discuss your budget and what we can offer – we’re happy to provide open, honest advice to families from our branches in Billericay, Chelmsford and Maldon.